Point Of Sales Software In CanadaPoint of Sales software is vital for any business that wants to take their game to the next level and keep competitors at bay. A point of sales software has unique functionality that is capable of processing payments, generating receipts, managing pricing, conducting inventory control, and managing loyalty schemes and discounts. Great Point of Sales software comes with the capability to produce real-time reports that help business owners make critical business decisions. So if you live in Canada, and looking for the best Point of Sales software for your business, this list comes in handy:

Lightspeed Point of Sales software

Lightspeed is a point of sales software provider situated in Montreal and has been in the POS software game since 2004. They have revolutionary products designed to make payment for products easy. What sets Lightspeed apart from the competition is their cloud-based POS software that guarantees 99.9% uptime. They also offer iPad POS solutions to enable you to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. The lowest monthly subscription for Lightspeed Point of Sales software is $69.

TouchBistro iPad POS solution

TouchBistro iPad POS solution is situated in NewYork. It has grown over the years to become one of the best iPad POS software providers out there. It offers POS service in 37 countries, including Canada. Besides providing iPad POS solution, many restaurant establishments are integrating TouchBistro with their systems because of its simplicity.  Its simple nature means restaurants can run one iPad as  POS or even a couple to enable waiting staff to order from every table, as well as from a booth inside the restaurant. If you’re looking for a POS software solution that offers numerous customization options to allow you to tweak the software to your liking, TouchBistro is a great choice.

It also comes with powerful reporting features that show you both historical and real-time data to make critical business decisions. The POS software also lets you hide menu items that are not available during any period. This feature helps you eradicate problems with customers due to unavailability of food items. The cool part about TouchBistro is that it offers free trial period before the full software purchase and this enables you to only pay for something that works for your business.

Revel Systems is well-known for providing iPad POS software

If you’re looking for an iPad POS software provider, Revel Systems is a great choice. Revel Systems was founded in 2010, and the company’s rapid success got people investing in that platform. They have offices, as well as more than 25, 000 POS terminals around the world. Their main focus is cloud-based POS software. Their POS software is utilized by retail and restaurant establishments that are characterized by fast and high-volume transactions.

Epos now offers Point of Sales software to small and mid-sized business

Any small and mid-sized business can benefit from this Point of Sales software. They have integrated many features with their software, including customer management, inventory management, and retail accounting. The accounting option integrates features like payroll processing, purchase orders, and purchase ledger. It’s cloud-based Point of Sales software, which means issues of downtime are taken care of. It’s compatible with iPad, iPhone and Windows machines. Customer service and support are out of this world, and the platform is pretty easy to use. This is an excellent Point of Sales system for just about any industry.


If you’re located in Canada or any other part of the world, these Point of Sales software providers can help you reduce the cost of implementing Point of Sales in your business.

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